Local Links

This page has been simplified and is used to share local links to everything useful from Pubs/Clubs to Churches and from Schools to Shops. Click on the name below to take you to a page on this website providing more information OR to take you to the website of the business or service you need. (If you notice something is missing or incorrect then please contact us using the Contact Us page from the top menu)

Local Links A to Z Index


           Emmanuel Church

           The Methodist Church

Clubs, Pubs & Restaurants

           Dearne Lea Tea Rooms

           Shelley Sports & Social

           The Flying Ferret

           The Rising Sun

           The Three Acres

           The Woodman Inn

Education & Childcare

           Kirklees Childcare Support

           Kirklees Education & Childcare

           Kirkburton Middle School

           Scissett Middle School

           Shelley First School

           Shelley College

           The Cabin


           C Carruthers Ltd

           Star Garage

           4X4 & More


           Methodist Hall

           Village Hall

Health Centres & Community Groups

           Denby Dale Centre

           Kirkburton Health Centre

           Shepley Health Centre

Shops & Services

           Dobbies Garden Centre

           Lees Barber Shop

           Lydgate Styles

           Morrisons Daily

           Shelley Fisheries

           Shelley Hedgehogs

           Whistlestop Valley