SCA Monthly Updates

The Shelley Community Association provide monthly updates at the monthly meeting in the village hall and in the Shelley magazine. From August 2021 these updates will also be loaded below.  This page will develop more as needed. Just hover over the month name and click on the link to download the document.


Attention: For Community Groups in Shelley

Community groups in Shelley are beginning to open up again after a year like no other, but with concerns about numbers that can attend and extra precautions that might be necessary. Some of the Shelley Garden Festival 2021 profit is being put aside to help group and club leaders re-start their groups safely  or even set up a completely new activity.


If you are a group or activity leader please contact Ann on to ask about a small grant that might support you as you open. Many of us are wanting to go back to a sociable life and need our groups and activities to help us reconnect – we hope this grant helps everyone.