Welcome to Shelley

To All New Shelley Residents (and possibly those who are new to the website!!)

Welcome to Shelley. 


Since around 2006 , a welcome pack has been created and handed to any new residents by a member of the Shelley Community Association (if they are aware that someone new has moved into the village). In 2021 this will be changing to a Welcome to the Village Card. As a resident you are automatically a member of the SCA, check out the Community Association page for more information about meetings, activities and events. You will also find references to the SCA all through the website from saving the village hall to our globally known Garden Festival. 


This page is an attempt to replicate that introduction to the village especially in these times when face to face contact and introductions are so difficult. The delivery of the new welcome card will still take place where safely possible.


Much of what could be found in the old pack though can now be found in this website, this is the main reason the pack has been replaced by the card. This website is very new, launched in February 2021, replacing the previous website which itself was only launched in early 2020.


Using the menu at the top you should be able to find everything you want and need about Shelley, from its history, to what's on, to what shops, pubs, clubs and facilities etc can be found in and around the village. The website is hopefully easy to use but if you have any feedback then please provide this via the Contact Us page.


We hope you enjoy living in Shelley and once everything is "back to normal" you can find out what a great place you have moved to!!